Frequently Asked Questions


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and check.

Do pinball machines require lots of maintenance; how often should my game need service?

Some of our customers enjoy cleaning and doing minor repairs themselves. For those clients I just recommend a service call only when a major issue arises. Often if I've serviced the game in the past, I can help solve the issue over the phone. For clients that want a hands off approach I would recommend a check up every 2 years or so. This way the game can be cleaned and checked over for worn parts which could become a bigger issue down the road if not addressed.

Any idea on what my machine is worth?

The wonderful thing about pinball is that all games have gone up substantially in price in the last 2 decades.  Additionally, cosmetic condition has a great impact on a games value. Although I may be able to give you a general idea, it's best to research online and see what your game has recently sold for. You may be surprised!

Any advice on preserving cosmetics on my machine ie backglass, cabinet etc?

In over 35 years of service calls the one thing I see most often is clients having the game near a window which gets alot of sun. It doesnt take long for the sun to substantially fade a cabinet or playfield. It's best to have the game where it doesn't see direct sunlight.  I've also seen clients have their game in a garage or near a sauna. This will cause metal parts to corrode and diminish a games value over time. If you plan on moving your game in the cold be sure to wrap the backglass in a blanket and keep at 50 degrees or higher when traveling as sharp temperature changes  can compromise the paint on a backglass.

Do you move pinball machines?

I prefer to move them as little as possible. However, I can disassemble, then reassemble after you move it to your new location. This can be quoted on a case by case basis if I have an opening in my schedule.

Should I leave my game on all the time? unplug it or use a surge protector?

I usually recommend having the game on just when being used.  The power switch is fine for turning off your game. A surge protector is never a bad thing. In over 5000 service calls I've encountered 2 games that were hit by lightning; not sure if a protector would have helped in those cases!


I lost the key for my machine. Do you have another key? Is this an issue?

I do not have extra keys  But I can usually get into a game that has no keys. The best way is to drill the lock to remove it, which I can do. A new lock, which comes with two keys, costs less than $10.00 in parts. 

What is your favorite game?

One that works:)  All joking aside, Eightball Deluxe, Centaur, Indiana Jones Williams, Ghostbusters and Black Knight 2000 are some of my favorites.

Do you buy or sell games?

I do buy pinball games, working and non-working. I also occasionally sell games.

Do you sell parts?

I sell parts to my customers whom I've done service work for in the past provided I have that part in stock. If you need a part just call or email and I can try to help you out.

I live 200 miles from your Minnesota location. Can you repair my pinball game?

YES! Clients can drop off their machine at our studio in Woodbury Minnesota. I will assess the machine and provide you with a repair estimate.